We helped


the first mexican unicorn, achieve its disruptive software goals.

KAVAK is transforming Mexico for good

“I am thrilled and proud to partner with the first unicorn startup in Mexico’s history on their path to transform the market by making the mexican automotive industry a symbol of quality and trust in LATAM.” – Checo Pérez, Formula 1 driver, and partner at KAVAK

The challenge and how helped overcome it

Growing company

In need of the best talent


Our solution

Our team in Kavak

15 DaCoders are actually working with Kavak.

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Software Engineer


Software Engineer

Technology stack

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Working with KAVAK is an enriching experience. The exchange of opinions is highly respected and valued. Space is given to develop ideas and propose improvements or changes in the ways of working. The work environment is super friendly which makes interacting with the different teams a pleasure.

Software Engineer


Kavak is the leading company in buying and selling
of pre-owned cars in Latin America and the
first unicorn company in the history of Mexico.
It has a valuation of 8.7 billion
dollars, becoming the second startup
most valuable private company in Latin America.