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Parrot is the best virtual events platform in the education industry. It has a robust set of solutions for audio conferencing, web conferencing and meeting rooms, ideal for small and medium-sized businesses around the world. Connecting devices with high-definition audio and video conferencing services. With just one click, meetings always start on time

The challenge

The solution

The results

The challenge was to design a web and mobile solution with a modern, intuitive and fully responsive interface that provides a simpler and more stable experience.

To create this project, we followed research, planning and design processes to achieve the best possible results. We take care of the product definition, UI/UX design, and frontend and backend development based on the needs and goals communicated by the Parrot team.

To create Parrot we apply the SCRUM methodology, focusing on incremental development through phases.

Features we developed

Video conferencing system

Live chat

Webinars / Livestreams

Marketing tools

The team

Meet the experts and the leading technologies they used to achieve the desired results

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A successful digital product involves a complete understanding of your business, from your users' needs to risks and opportunities.

Leave your project in the hands of our experts and we will make the magic happen. We will work with a defined scope of functions and provide you with excellent results.

Our UI/UX designers will create the wireframes and interfaces of your dreams, always backed by technical foundations. Provides the best user experience.

Strengthen your business with the quality of our talent. Collaborate directly with the talent you need during the period of time you require for your project.

We offer a complete set of Automated and Manual testing services that guarantee high quality products to meet the needs of your users.

Their work culture and closeness with the founding partners impressed us, as well as how open they are in helping you build your project, never thinking about the benefit for them. Somehow you feel that they are your partners in the company"

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