Canadian tradition and Creating Beloved Brands Since 1889

Dare Foods is still innovating...

Dare has been a proudly Canadian family business since 1889. Throughout their long history, they have created some of the country’s most beloved brands, including Bear Paws Cookies, REALFRUIT Gummies, Breton Cookies, Melba Toast and many more.

The challenge

The solution

The results

The challenge was to create an interface so that those in charge of uploading content at Dare Foods could create the “landing pages” for each of the brands that make up Dare Foods, without them having to write any line of code, and everything would be through selection of images, colored texts and insertion of links

A builder was created that facilitates the creation of modules, using PHP, Gutenberg and Bootstrap. Said Builder was custom created to meet the requirements of the more than 50 brands that make up Dare Foods.

To carry out Dare Foods we applied the SCRUM methodology, focusing on incremental development through phases. All with the aim of offering the best quality in a short period of time.

Technology stack

Features we developed

Custom made builder




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