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Sanctuary AI introduces Phoenix™: a general-purpose humanoid robot designed for work

Sanctuary AI, a company with a mission to create the world’s first human-like intelligence in general-purpose robots, announced a big step forward with the introduction of its sixth-generation general-purpose robot called Phoenix™. Phoenix is the world’s first general-purpose humanoid robot powered by Carbon™, a unique and pioneering AI control system designed to give Phoenix human-like intelligence and enable it to perform a wide range of jobs to help address challenges. labor challenges that affect many organizations. today. Sanctuary has been able to demonstrate that its technology is already capable of completing hundreds of tasks identified by customers from more than a dozen different industries.

“We designed Phoenix to be the most sensor-rich and physically capable humanoid ever built and to enable Carbon’s rapidly growing intelligence to perform the broadest set of work tasks possible,” said Geordie Rose, co-founder and chief executive officer. Sanctuary AI executive. “We see a future where general-purpose robots are as ubiquitous as cars, helping people do the work they need to do, when there simply aren’t enough people to do that work.”

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How to enable ChatGPT plugins
OpenAI has just announced a massive update for all ChatGPT Plus users, allowing access to web browsing and 70 beta plugins. Beta plugins include a wide range, from text-to-audio conversions to real-time data on stocks and crypto. However, the web browsing feature is our favorite by far.

To access these updates, launch ChatGPT, click on your username in the bottom left corner, select ‘Settings’, then ‘Beta Features’. From this menu, activate the features you want to use.

Note: The ‘Beta Features’ tab is being rolled out gradually for ChatGPT Plus users, so don’t worry if you don’t see it yet, it’s on its way!

Creating a ChatGPT plugin right now is probably the equivalent of creating an app for the iPhone app store at first. You should probably join the plugin developer waiting list ASAP with this link.

Source: The Rundown

BT headquarters in London.

BT to cut 55,000 jobs by 2030 and replace part with artificial intelligence
The multinational telecommunications company BT (formerly known as British Telecom), based in London, announced on Thursday its intention to cut 42% of its jobs by 2030. Despite the fact that the announcement did not come as a surprise to With the unions expecting a similar blow as the UK-wide fiber laying project is now in its final phase, what is surprising about the news has been the candor with which the company has admitted that many of the cut jobs will be replaced in their task by artificial intelligence (AI).

“For a company like BT, there is now an opportunity to use AI in a much more effective way,” announced the company’s chief executive, Philip Jansen. “The expected reduction in exchange for this automatic digitization will be about 10,000 jobs. We are going to benefit greatly from AI, which will be a huge leap forward,” Jansen said. “We have to be careful, yes, but it’s a big change,” he added.

Source: The Country

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